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D&M deeply honour and pay maximum respect to the Land and to the First Peoples of Australia.

D&M have been fortunate to have lived and worked on many of the different countries that make up this continent - and have enduring respect and gratitude for the enormous generosity offered by First Nations hosts, colleagues and collaborators both in work and daily life. Particular thanks to the senior elders of the Kulin Nations with whom much of their recent work has been made. Their guidance, wisdom and friendship is precious beyond measure.


Currently living on the traditional ancestral lands of the Brayakaulung they pay respect to this land, and to all five tribes of the GunaiKurnai peoples - to their elders past and present - with hope to create works with and alongside community members in the near future.

D&M would also like to pay ‘maximum respect’ to the talented and generous Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, communities and supporters across Australia & South Africa with whom we have collaborated.

Please click on the button to view our Collaborators page.

& mentoring

D&M are available to consult with over your next project.

Whether you wish to be mentored through your own design - or wish us to design an event for you, we can assist in making your event a memorable & unique one that responds to your locale & your community.

collaborations & commissions

All of our work involves collaborating with other artists  & communities.

Our work is mostly commissioned by local government, Arts Festivals & Educational Institutions.

We welcome new collaborations




No query is too large - or too small!

contact us!

workshops & residencies

D&M are both highly experienced workshop facilitators. We can design workshops specific for the needs of communities or educational institutions.

We will soon be running workshop series in Dance and Ritual at The Boo Artists Refuge.

Participants can stay at the Boo in our glampervans.

We will be offering residencies at the Boo to artists who require refuge from their daily grind.

Check our our T-BAR page.

writing & research

Composing Contemporary Ceremony


The embodied space

(Masters Theatre Design)


What is Contemporary Ceremony?

PhD Abstract & Preamble

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