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a working concept

The Valley of the Quest: Funds from Regional Arts Victoria & Mirboo North & District Community Foundation are supporting the development of this first valley in collaboration with Traditional Owners, local youth groups & schools, artists, multicultural community & a variety of community groups to start envisioning & creating the beginning event where the pilgrimage begins.

 Gunaikurnai elders will introduce the first Valley of The Quest telling their creation story of Booran (the Pelican) & Tuk (the Musk Duck) with puppetry, projections, fire & dance created in collaborative workshops with First Nations community, local youth groups & schools.

Some of the elements of the performance

  • Ceremonial processions of First Nations community led by Gunaikurnai Elders & followed by community of FN artists, families, dancers, & all other cast members.

  • Ceremonial greetings and Welcome to Country, smoking ceremony, fire, music & dance by First Nations community.

  • Shadow puppets & projections.

  •  Islamic community share their tale - a short version of Conference of the birds.

  • Dance, music, choir & physical theatre interpret the tale in a contemporary context -         from crisis through challenges of today to understanding & harmony.

  • Together the whole cast will perform an up tempo finale dance - a fusion of first nations dance, hip hop & contemporary moves.

  • Illumainated Art installtions


The Spiral - a Ceremonial Performance Installation

At dusk the audience will walk from the Centenary Park sign in Boolarra, along the rail trail towards a large ceremonial installation.

Local artists will create ephemeral bird themed installations along the path towards the ceremony space - illuminated with LEDs - creating a bewitching atmosphere.


The installation is a temporary structure - a large scale spiral wall of hessian.

Projections & silhouettes on the walls lure the walkers onwards & into the space.

The audience walk into the spiral & find a performance & seating area.

On ‘stage’ is a large Fire bowl already lit. Sound installations settle the audience.


This project has been made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.     Conference of the Birds is also supported by the Mirboo North & District Community Foundation. 

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