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TOGETHER  opening of GPAC

On Thursday 3rd March to a packed house, D&M were honoured to create TOGETHER opening the new Gippsland Performing Arts Centre in Traralgon.


The evening was grounded in the Latrobe community’s performing arts community involving Traditional Owners; their ceremonies, stories, dances and art alongside a variety of other performance styles including: opera, hip hop, contemporary dance, rock n roll dancing, community choirs, musical theatre, string quartets and of course the Strzelecki Stringbusters.


TOGETHER was a logistical feat of endurance & commitment. Postponed several times over the past 8 months - due to COVID & it’s impacts - complete handover of the building to GPAC management/ programming, technical & creative departments did not happen till literally the day before opening. Rehearsal & staging restrictions were in continual flux up to one week before opening night.

TOGETHER involved over 80 performers on stage, and projections of virtual choirs of over 100 voices. TOGETHER acknowledged the beauty and diversity of Gippsland’s landscapes & peoples, it’s remarkable flora, precious bird and animal life, and celebrated the diversity of cultural vitality in the valley. The evening acknowledged the deep bonds made between people when expressing their culture together through art.

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photo credit : Susan Purdy

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