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a work in process...

at this point in time.

Bounczn is Australia's first student-centred, holistic and community driven dance company

Bounczn is a registered not-for-profit company and is governed by a constitution and a board of directors.

Bounczn is supported through a specialist support and advisory team consisting of professionals in the dance, education, health and well-being sectors. The specialist support team provide expert advice and support to our team, CEO, students, parents and the Bounczn dance community.

Our youth dance committee is comprised of members of our dance company and dance school and two voting seats at every meeting are held open to any of our students and or company dancers to attend. This committee is driven, organised and managed by our students and company dancers. This ensures we are student-centred in everything we do. 

We exist for all young Australians who have a passion for movement and dance.

We believe that every young person deserve access to a great dance education that makes them feel amazing about themselves, increases their creativity as well as their emotional, mental and physical fitness in a fun, culturally diverse , empowering and inclusive environment.

100% of everything we do is driven by and for our young dancers.

We exist to empower and transform the lives of young people through the therapeutic power of dance.

As a not for profit organisation, 100% of all profits go directly back to our young dancers, other charities and the community. 

We pride ourselves in operating like a start up. We are innovative, agile and lean. We nurture a culture of risk-taking in our organisation so that creativity and innovation can thrive at all levels. We push boundaries and create our own benchmarks.

We are focused on doing things better, bigger and leaner.

We are not just revolutionising dance education, we are revolutionising the way not-for-profits and charities operate. We are challenging the status-quo and changing the game. We truly believe that anything is possible and are living this value everyday to inspire and motivate our young dancers through being extraordinary role models.

We are change makers, dream chasers and creators. 

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